Daniel Harrison

Lead Pastor at Church 212

Hey, that’s me, Daniel Harrison, alongside my wife Heather. We are new lead pastors at Church 212 in Palm Desert, California.

The last few years, we have been on a soul health journey for ourselves and for the sake of others. We believe that focused attention to healthy spirituality is vital toward living as effective followers of Jesus.

Jesus said, “Light your light shine in such a way that others see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). The “in such a way” of this verse, I believe, is a commitment to the inner life of transformation.

We want to invite you on this journey.

Why I’ve started this blog. 

This blog exists to share a straightforward message: human transformation is possible, and Christ offers a real pathway for it.

My goal in leadership at our church and with content creation is to get very practical on how you can begin to thrive spiritually by adopting rhythms and practices for overall soul health.

I am pursuing a doctorate in Spiritual Formation and Leadership at Richmont Graduate University toward this end. School keeps me busy, so I send out blogs and videos when I can.

But stick around, because we will be building on these themes. If you want to follow the journey, subscribe and never miss a post.

A Year of Soul Health

In 2023, we are undergoing a year of soul health at our church. We will learn about many different formation dimensions of the human soul: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, relational, vocational, etc.

This means that if you struggle with mental health, your thought life, or relationships, for example, this is the place for you.

All of these combined formation dimensions contribute to the overall health of your spiritual well-being. I will be making a video shortly about this and posting it on the blog.

Although the year of soul health will be primarily available through sermon audio, I am blogging on the same themes when possible. I also have a podcast called Faith Questions. Again, I am posting sparingly right now because of school.

This degree is a D.Min., not a P.hD. What this means is that it’s not just a reading and writing degree but a practical degree to better help you grow spiritually. I am a content creator by heart and a local pastor.

So in the next few years, you will see some things come to light, along with opportunities to engage.

Why FaithQuestions?

We live in a day where the lines between truth and falsehood are blurred. There is so much information and disinformation it’s tough to know what is true. Reality itself is questioned. Is truth even knowable?

I started this blog to answer people’s relevant questions about faith and spirituality, but also offer a pathway for growth. I believe I am bringing a unique perspective to this blog because I am engaging the mind and heart.

Apologetics and Spiritual Formation

I originally started this blog to write about apologetics, which answers relevant questions about spirituality. Is truth knowable? Is Jesus the only way to God? Does how I live matter? Can we trust the Bible?

But I am also passionate about spiritual formation, and I will write practically about personal well-being and soul health. How is a person spiritually formed from our past experiences? Can we be reformed and transformed? Is human change even possible? What practical things can I do to be a healthier living soul?

I believe that change happens when the heart is engaged in participation with Jesus through spiritual rhythms and practices. Now, we can’t change ourselves. Christ alone is the power to change lives. But we must learn to participate.

When I post about apologetics, I encourage Christians that their faith is viable. When I post about spiritual formation, I encourage Christians to engage in a real process of soul health (a deeper fulfillment of living effectively on mission with Jesus).

The blog overall is built on the four basic themes of a worldview: origin, meaning, morality, and destiny. At the heart of these questions lie answers to four main questions. Where did we come from? Why do we exist? How should we live in today’s world? Where are we going?

Let’s engage mind and heart.

A Better Way of Life.

I hope you discover on this journey that Jesus offers a better way of life that makes sense and leads to flourishing. If you’re interested in the journey, click the blue link below, and I’ll send you a welcome email.

I’m in; send me the email!

Daniel Harrison

P.S. The blog is new, so I hope you’ll join in on the journey!