March 19, 2021 Daniel Harrison

How to Redeem a Wasted Life, Teaching My Child about Gossip, And More

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How to Redeem a Wasted Life

A flower that never bloomed, fruit that never ripened, a womb that never bore, an egg that never hatched: a wasted life.

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Greg Morse


Should We Bother Debating Atheists?

One of the largest religious message boards on the social-media website Reddit is simply called “Debate an Atheist.”

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Ryan Burge


Atlanta Shooter’s Church Ties Raise Questions for Pastors

We must know our congregations well enough to respond to the false gospels and distorted teachings infiltrating their spiritual lives.

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Jason Dees


3 Serious Advantages Of Being Young But Not Famous In Leadership

It’s amazing how many times that conversation comes up when talking to young leaders. It happens sometimes with young business leaders, but way more often with church leaders (which is kind of weird, really).

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Carey Nieuwhof


From Laws Of Physics To Reasonable Faith

Two common challenges to the truth of the Christian worldview are the seeming hiddenness of God and the accusation that Christianity requires a blind faith. Many people see the great amount of suffering in the world and in their own lives and wonder where God is and why He doesn’t seem to care to alleviate the suffering. Many skeptics also see Christians making claims about reality that are demonstrably false, and those people conclude that Christians’ faith is a belief despite evidence to the contrary- a blind faith.

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Luke Nix


Teaching My Child about Gossip

Want to join me? Let’s teach our kids to recognize gossip when they see it, brainstorm healthy alternatives, and offer ideas for what to do when they catch one friend talking about another.

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Stephanie Thomas


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