April 17, 2021 Daniel Harrison

The Story of Barabbas Is No Mere Prisoner Swap, The Christian Celebrity And The Psychopath, And More

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Will I Ever Change?

Fresh Hope for the Spiritually Stuck

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Stephen Witmer


Cross References: Unsung Heroes of Bible Reading

Few people enjoy reading the fine print. I lament that Bible cross references are overlooked. Packed into the margins in a miniscule font, they strike many modern readers as tedious. They’re not the flashiest tool, compared to Bible apps that reward consistent reading with streaks and milestones, or videos that unpack passages.

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Will Anderson


How The Crisis Probably Killed Your Vision (And How To Get It Back)

I noticed something recently that surprised and disappointed me: Without realizing it, a few months ago, I stopped casting vision for my team.

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Carey Nieuwhof


The Story of Barabbas Is No Mere Prisoner Swap

Much more was at stake than a criminal’s fate or a crowd’s preference.

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Andrew Wilson


The Christian Celebrity And The Psychopath

If you were looking for a completely trustworthy Christian apologist to follow, would you pick someone who had risen to the status of global celebrity because of his unparalleled ability to articulate the Gospel? Or would you gravitate toward someone who is a well-documented and self-confessed psychopath? The best choice is not as obvious as it might at first seem. In this case, I’d pick the psychopath. And I say that based on the advice of … the psychopath. But if that sounds strange to you, keep reading.

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Bob Perry


My High Schooler Didn’t Get Into Their Dream School

Over the next few years, I discovered this was not some super-fun excuse for a senior skip day. In reality, most students sat at home anxiously refreshing their webpages as they waited on news that could potentially change their plans, affect their relationships, and confirm or upend their dreams.

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Crystal Chiang


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