November 23, 2020 Daniel Harrison

Let’s Cultivate Culture Pt. 1: Introduction

Today I’m starting a four-part video series titled, Let’s Cultivate Culture.

Have you ever wondered what it means to follow Jesus in a post-Christian world in the midst of a rapidly changing culture? I’m right there with you.

There’s a lot of culture pressure out there, and often we just aren’t sure how to navigate it. Furthermore, we can be confused about our roles as Christians in engaging the times.

In this video series, I want to encourage you not to be afraid of what’s happening in our world and in Christian culture. But take heart, have courage, and lovingly cultivate the transformation of our culture.

I believe that we can begin to engage our culture in three unique ways: 1) by uniting on the gospel, 2) by becoming faithfully resilient Christians, and 3) by being agents of grace who contribute to the good of society.

The next three videos will cover those points.

Here’s the first video!

Click video to play:


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