April 9, 2021 Daniel Harrison

Is “Rock And Roll” The Devil’s Music?, How to Have a Healthy Disagreement with Your Child, And More

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A Daring and Beautiful Duel over Death

This last week, we celebrated our Easter hope. Jesus said, “Because I live, you also will live” (John 14:19). But the very air we breathe in our culture fills us with dread that this life is all there is.

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Gerrit Scott Dawson


‘Roe v. Wade’: Disappointing Movie, Important Cause

Released April 2, Roe. v. Wade (available on demand) depicts the pivotal 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, leading to a tragic 60 million U.S. abortions to date.

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Beth Smith


29% Of Pastors Want To Quit: How To Keep Going When You’ve Lost Confidence In Yourself.

Things are changing so quickly and remain so unpredictable that almost everything that used to be effective isn’t, and just when you think you might get it figured out, things change again.

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Carey Nieuwhof


The Digital Devil Looks to Devour

Scripture and sermon can hardly compete with the charms (‘prelest’) of cable news and Twitter.

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Bonnie Kristian


Is “Rock And Roll” The Devil’s Music?

Musical expression is a combination of melody and lyric.

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J. Warner Wallace


How to Have a Healthy Disagreement with Your Child

As your children grow out of infancy and further into childhood, disagreements will become a normal part of life. When you’re a parent, of course, this can grow quite exhausting! You may find that the older they get, the more things there are to disagree about.

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Dr. Chinwé Williams


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