April 30, 2021 Daniel Harrison

The Word of God Comes Alive in Conflict, Lord, Help Me Love My Parent, And More

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The Word of God Comes Alive in Conflict

Our conflicted times may pale in comparison to history’s greatest conflicts, but in our own generation, the stresses, strains, and uncertainties of the last fourteen months have been unusual. Many of us are manifestly more on edge. Fuses seem shorter. Words, harsher. Moods, more burdened. As we’ve run on empty, previously dormant fault lines have opened up in our families, among neighbors, among longtime friends, and even in our churches.

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David Mathis


Lord, Help Me Love My Parent

The past year has tested and stretched many of our relationships, including those with our parents. Navigating parental relationships under normal circumstances can already be a challenge, but trying to do so against the backdrop of a global pandemic and contentious election cycle hasn’t made it any easier.

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Chelsea Stanley


Do You Follow the Right Jesus?

Four cultural values entice us toward an Americanized messiah instead of the crucified Christ.

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Peter Scazzero


5 Unsettling Cultural Predictions For The 2020S (And How You Can Prepare Starting Now)

As uncertain as things are (and they are), here are 5 things every leader should be watching and preparing for in the decade ahead.

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Carey Nieuwhof


5 Ways to Raise a Son Who’ll Overcome His Fears

Here are 5 ways to raise a son who will overcome his fears.

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Timothy Diehl


Three Good Reasons To Celebrate Your Christian Worldview

There are good reasons to celebrate our Christian worldview and to be “proud” (not of ourselves, but) of the God who created us:

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J. Warner Wallace


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